Enquiring Practitioner

Enquiring Practitioner relates to life long learning, willing to listen and further questioning different issues around you. A summary of what it means to be an Enquiring Practitioner defined by Menter et al (2011), is a ‘finding out’ or an investigation with a rationale and approach that can be explained or defended.’ To ‘find out’ raises […]

Identifying Skills and Abilities

Managing My Learning   Activity 1 Complete the table below to identify and reflect on those factors and plan actions for each. Recognition/ Reflection Action What helps my learning? How can I utilise this? Example: “Discussing the topic with others” ·             Set up a study group of like-minded peers ·             Engage with the online community […]

Little Minds

We know that everything we learn contributes to our memory. However what many are unaware of is the different types of memory. For example, there are many types of long term memory including; Episodic – specific things – personal experience- where/when it happened Semantic – all world knowledge Procedural – knowing how to do something […]

How gender effected my childhood.

As I reflect upon my childhood, it was often my experience that gender effect me in one way or another at all times. These experiences range from scenarios such as, gender stereotypes in games and toys to, my personal opinion from my own time in primary school.

Even now, with a “modern” approaches towards gender and a far less stiff opinionated view throughout society, many of our game and toys are clearly still stereotypically targeted towards a particular gender. For example, when I was a child, it was common place for a girl to play with the dolls and a boy to entertain himself with toy cars. Even 20 years later with all the new technology, ipads and tablets children are still exploited to this stereotypical agenda. Their “modern” games highlight a traditional portrayal that seems never to be redefined. Although my early childhood development was directly affected by this, I do not feel that it has hindered any further elements personal development.

As a child in primary school, I was confronted with a gender in balance, in which boy’s seemed to be punished harder than the girls of the class. An example from my time at primary school being, during a gym class, a group of boys and girls in my class were mucking around in the equipment cupboard, throwing basket balls at each other and spinning disks. Once the teacher had put a stop the chaos, the girls that had been involved, were told to get changed back in the classroom. The boys were sent up to the depute head teachers office, where we found ourselves at the end of a fierce and severe talking too. Even now, I struggle to comprehend why the boys and girls involved had received different punishments as a result of carrying out the same actions. Since this incident, I have worked in many environments with both genders and I have seen similar situations occur.  A lighter punishment seems to be placed upon girls on many occasions.

This is just a brief overview of how gender effected my childhood, as to continue on this topic would take far too long.

What are they thinking?

Everything that we do comes down to our brain and the way we think. It has been at the heart of psychologist’s fascinations for years. Ivan Pavlov was the first psychologist to focus upon behaviourism through his ‘Classic Conditioning Test’ His conclusions were that we can change the natural reflex of human and animals. Furthering […]

I’m telling on you….

We have been learning about stage theory as part of the Thinking Child inputs with Carrie. Automatically as a mum your mind races to your own child. Ruby is three and has spent nearly all of her life with myself and significant adults; only recently starting at a nursery for 3-5s. I was lucky enough to […]