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What is palmoplantar keratoderma? ‘Keratoderma’ is a term that means marked thickening of the skin.

‘Palmoplantar’ refers to the skin on the soles of the feet and palms of the hands; these are the areas keratoderma affects most often. The terms "keratoderma" and "palmoplantar keratoderma" are used interchangably. Palmoplantar keratoderma is also sometimes known as ‘keratosis palmaris et plantaris’.

Classification of keratodermas depends on whether or not it is inherited, and its clinical features.

• Diffuse keratodermas affect most of the palms and soles.

• Focal keratodermas mainly affect pressure areas.

• Punctate-type keratodermas result in tiny bumps on the palms and soles.

Most often the abnormal skin involves only the palms and soles (non-transgradient) but sometimes it extends on to the top of the hands and feet as well (transgradient).

In a few rare forms of keratoderma other organs in the body may be affected in addition to the skin and in these cases, the keratoderma can be a marker of this more general abnormality.

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