4th Norway Scotland Waves Symposium

The 4th DNVA-RSE Norway-Scotland Symposium will take place in Edinburgh between 12-13 October 2015. The event will extend from around 09.30, 12th October to 18.00 on 13th October, with a symposium banquet on the evening of the 12th October.  
The 1st, 2nd and 3rd DNVA-RSE Norway-Scotland Symposia were held in 2008 (Oslo), 2010 (Edinburgh) and 2013 (Oslo) respectively and were devoted to internal waves, tsunamis and ocean wave focussing. The programme for the 4th meeting will have contributions on different aspects of waves, including Internal Waves, Waves on Ice, Random Waves and Gravity Currents.  The scope of the programme reflects ongoing wave research projects in Norway and Scotland, individually and in collaboration.

Limited funding for the event has been obtained from The Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE), The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters (DNVA), The National Telford Institute (NTI) and the Marine Alliance for Science & Technology for Scotland (MASTS). 

Important dates:

                    Acceptance of invitation (as soon as possible).
2.                    15th July 2015, deadline, provisional title of talk (where appropriate).
3.                     15th August, 2015 deadline, 2 page summary (where appropriate), for publication on the Symposium Web-page
Best wishes,
Peter Davies & John Grue
Co-Directors, 4th DNVA-RSE Norway-Scotland Symposium
Planning Group: J Grue, P A Davies, M E Inall, A Jensen, K Trulsen

Local Organizing Group: P A Davies, M E Inall, Y S Park, I-C Chan, J E Halliday