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Organised Life, Organised Mind

Is there anything worse than a million things to do, no idea where to start and being so stressed with uni you just sit watching netflix and doing NONE of it! For me no, I am a bit of an organisational freak if I’m being honest and get so unmotivated when I have no idea […]

Jan 08

A personal letter to you – To a better 2018

Dear Exhausted Student, With the start of 2018 I’ve got all my resolutions listed out.  Let’s face it most of them will be on next year’s list, but this year the one thing I know I need to do is prioritise myself. As we inch back to the start of the second semester you might […]

Jan 08

Dundee Bucket List: Food and Drink

  The Braes: It is one of my favourite pubs in Dundee. It has a fun and lively atmosphere as well as being very student friendly. You can also book their space downstairs for events! I especially like Wednesdays, as chicken wings are 25p a piece.   Draffens: It is often called the ‘Secret Bar’ […]

Dec 15

Keeping your sanity whilst living in halls

Halls can be quite an isolating experience, despite being surrounded by other students ‘in the same boat’. We all go through various struggles but hopefully these tips will help you stay sane in halls! Get into a routine with uni work. By this I mean, if you’re like me and don’t have many contact hours, […]

Nov 28

Things to show friends and family from home in Dundee

I recently had some family members visit from home, and really enjoyed showing them around Dundee. If you ever have family or friends visit, here are some places I would recommend showing them! If you like walks and lovely views of the city and country, I couldn’t recommend anything more than a nice walk up […]

Nov 26

Top Presentation Tips

University is all about getting out of your comfort zone.  For some people taking the stage may come naturally, for others it’s not quite so easily done. Without a doubt, you will be asked to do presentations within your peer group or for assessments.  This can be daunting but like most other things, it is […]

Nov 23

Study Spots

In my two and a half years at University, I’ve found various different places to study. Although I’ve not been very imaginative lately (tending to base myself as close to the hot water tap in the second floor silent section as possible) I thought I’d share some of my favourite study spots from over the […]

Nov 22

DUBS x DULS x CLIC Sargent

Who doesn’t love a pub quiz? The perfect way to socialise, show people how clever you are and maybe even win a prize. And a good excuse to get out the library too. The other great thing about a pub quiz is that it’s an excellent way to raise money for charity. With that in […]

Nov 19

Why I Joined the History Society

I was introduced to the History Society at a Humanities open day I’d been to before uni started, in which the student ambassadors told us about some trips the society had organised and what else the society gets up to (such as pub quizzes and the history ball). It sounded like exactly what I needed, […]

Nov 18

Bridge at sunset

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Karina architecture

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Winter lights

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Creative writing

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This fest

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Stephanie youtube

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Bargain Adventures

As someone who tries to travel as much as I can, having a budget is integral. I also ignore it a lot, but that’s a separate issue. I was lucky enough to grow up in a fairly transient household, so the idea of moving around is high on my list of priorities, but with the […]

Nov 14


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Day in the Life: Follow the Fresher

7.30am. My alarm goes off, and compared to the 4am wake-up from yesterday to go for a sunrise surf (there were no waves, but top marks for dedication right?) this is a very calm start of the day. The rising sun turns my room orange. I get up to make porridge with blueberries and eat […]

Nov 14

Dundee University Archery Club

If you’ve ever wanted to embrace your inner Robin Hood or ‘shoot for your own hand’ in true Merida style, the Dundee University Archery Society may be the place for you. Training is usually on Thursdays at 19:30-21:30 and Saturdays at 15:00-17:300 in the ISE. Abilities range from beginner to experienced and you can learn to […]

Nov 13

Shopping for Children this Christmas?

As Christmas fast approaches I’m overwhelmed by the amount of Christmas shopping I have to do! I can’t believe how expensive presents are and with so many children in my family, children’s toy shopping seems to be the worst of it all! Something which strikes me the most is the amount of children’s toys that […]

Nov 13

MacLaren on a Munro

You know that feeling when the mountains are calling and you want to get up at 5 on a Saturday morning to scramble up the side of a mountain through the bog and freeze your fingers off while eating lunch sitting on some frozen stone? No? Just me then? Mountains are magical. I realise they’re […]

Nov 12


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I’ll be forever spoiled after living with a view like this.

Diary of a Postgrad Student – no failure only feedback

Before you worry, it’s ok, I didn’t fail my first assignment. But I didn’t do very well in it either. Let’s have a bit of context here. This was a paper that required me to pick a topic, do research, gather alternate views and write a discussion/analysis using references to explain my position. I have […]

Nov 08